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FE Manila Philippines Celebrates 4th Anniversary !

We thank and praise the LORD for a very good weather on Monday, 10 October 2011, the day FusionExcel Manila marked its 4th Anniversary.

The festivities started at 7am assembly time for the motorcade of cars and SUVs that each Leader bought with income from FE!

Our route covered EDSA (Metro Manila’s main thoroughfare which passed along the Ortigas and Cubao areas—two of the busiest business districts in the metropolis. A good number of distributor-participants filed into around 50 vehicles adorned with blue,yellow and white ribbons ,as well as yellow and blue balloons ,flags and stickers –all bearing FusionExcel's logo. Government agencies like the Highway Patrol, MMDA, and QCPOS provided assistance for the orderliness and safety of the FE motorcade.

We began the even more exciting main Event—dinner gathering at the fabulous Gateway Suites Araneta Center in Quezon City with the parade of FE's loyal leaders with our guest of honor, Mr Paul Ting marching towards the presidential table. Worth mentioning were the over 30 Pastors FE Leaders in attendance with Bishop BonnergeAndaya as the most senior Church leader and social entrepreneur.

Mr. Paul Ting’s message highlighted the company’s recent successes in the Asia Pacific region particularly in China by citing the two important awards FE had recently been accorded. Moreover, he unraveled to us the company’s direction and the measures being undertaken to ensure continuation of the financial success that members have been enjoying since day one up to now. The speech of the CEO was well received by all the 380 participants who gave him several standing ovations and lots of cheers and AHOO's because it reinforced the distributors’ belief that FusionExcel is “borrowing brilliance” from across industries to make it the world’s largest social entrepreneurship platform!

Highlights of the Event:
  • Singing of Praise and Worship Songs led by Pastor Henry Santos followed by the Philippine National Anthem and Invocation
  • A 1-minute video depicting the humble beginnings of FE in the Philippines was shown, with voice over by Allan Dale.
  • The Group Presentation was a fun competition among distributors from different regions of the country. The Paragon Group headed by PDs Joel and Virgie Amangan from Cavite won with their powerful Top 5 Critical Activities of a Successful Network Builder exhibition.
  • PD Dr. Reynaldo Neri, a cardiologist from St.Luke’s Medical Center, the country’s premiere hospital, gave his testimony about the significant improvement on the health conditions of his patients using our Quantum Science products. While Dr. Victor Escueta, spoke on the Medical Benefits of FE Products.
  • Clark Gamul gave a soulful rendition of Paraiso with a video showing poverty in slum areas and garbage dumps ,and how FusionExcel through its numerous Hope for Children social entrepreneurs were able to reach out and help thousands of less fortunate children in the country.
  • Video greetings were shown from PD Dr. K.B. Jacob, India Licensee (Mumbai), PD Henry and Monica Chen – FE America – California State Licensee, PD Danny and Florence Co – FE America – New Jersey Licensee, greetings read by CPD Pastor Art Medina from Mr Geoffrey Puy – GCC Bahrain Licensee Office, and most dramatically touching of which came from the Philippine Country Licensee, CPD Jeremy Looi (who was in China at that time), that made many eyes teary, including Ptr Art’s.
  • World acclaimed ballroom dancer Ms Edna Ledesma and partner wowed the crowd with a spectacular dance number.
  • Launching of FE Power Tool! A complete presentation tool that can be played on DVD, Laptop, PCs with FE business-related pictures, training videos, product features and benefits, company profile and training modules in powerpoint.
  • Ptr Art Medina recognized and called on stage the significant people in his organization.
  • Recognition of new Directors, Executive Directors, Presidential Directors and the first batch of Crown Presidential Directors in the Philippines.
  • The super exciting Raffle time capped the event with a total of 37 items raffled off. The grand prize was a China Pack pin with a guaranteed $90 monthly share generously given by Mr Paul Ting.

Amidst the camaraderie and over the lavish dinner and enjoying each part of our 4th Anniversary program, we were reminded of this passage from the Book “ But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.”--- Deuteronomy 8:18

Indeed, from its humble beginnings on 10 October 2007 – the date I was officially registered by my Sponsor/Upline/Mentor and Philippine Licensee CPD Jeremy Looi in the FE database and joined by the early true FE believers: the late Judge Lorenzo Veneracion- who shared with me his trust and loyalty in laying down the network foundations, PD Pastor Dave Trinidad, CPD Efren ‘King Fortuna, CPD Emmanuel Torre, CPD Marlene Medina and PD Jenny and Nora Medina - whose contributions are so enormous that 4 years on, our network has grown global with its network of Power Teams!

We praise and thank GOD for the excellent leadership of Mr Paul Ting and Mr KS Lee!


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